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David's Space

My New Website

Welcome to my new blog! I am extremely excited to deploy this site after building my last one and then leaving it to die (not intentionally). I am building with 11ty this time. My goal is to learn more about 11ty as I work on my personal website, improving my skills so that I can build more of my websites with 11ty and make use of the amazing flexibility.

Content #

I will mostly post about self-hosted things, computer things, and maybe occasionally vacations and photos when I have stuff worth sharing. Right now I have a few posts in the pipeline related to Cloudflare Tunnel, Nextcloud and a Synology NAS so keep your eyes peeled for that, if that's your thing.

I would like this to be a space to write thoughts and document problems I have solved that may be a useful guide to others. It won't be super formal, I will post when I have something worth posting, and then I may edit posts after they are up if I notice any issues, or to clean up wording.

11ty #

11ty is a super cool static site generator. I really like the idea of a static site generator since it means I only have to worry about hosting static content. I do enjoy Wordpress but it is overkill or my personal projects, and I like to tinker, something that is more difficult with Wordpress. I am currently using the eleventy-base-blog starter. I plan to start with this and modify it to suit my needs if I out-grow it. I will share my journey if that happens.

Plans #

I have many plans for the future of my website, including a more responsive layout using CSS grids, better colours, and new fonts. However, I do not plan to stop tinkering.

I also want to get a Now page setup as I have seen others doing with their personal websites. Looking forward to being able to continue working on my website, and getting more posts out.

That's all for now, see you next time.