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David's Space

About Me #

Hello, my name is David and I sometimes write things here, as well as occasionally doing cool things.

Interests #

Most of my content will be about tech, which is one of my biggest interests. I am a huge fan of open source software and projects. I self-host a wide range of things from cloud storage to media servers. I also am a bit of a computer hardware nerd and love building computers, servers, and anything in between.

I also enjoy photography but am nowhere near professional, as well as video games, see my now page to see what I am currently enjoying. However, my favourites are Satisfactory, Minecraft, and Transport Fever 2.

Other Websites #

Check out my other websites that I maintain here:

Previous Versions #

I will be posting my previous website versions here, mainly for me to watch the evolution of my website, but also for anyone curious how it evolves over time. Also to remind myself that nothing ever starts finished, it all comes from somewhere.