My New Website

A place for me to write about the things I do or my thoughts. There is no clear direction.


This is my website, it isn’t much. I created it using Hugo, a static site generator written in Go.

I don’t have a clear direction for what will be posted here. Mostly tech stuff and on occasion the things I am doing in my life. Perhaps some neat pictures or projects. I will create and add content whenever I feel like it.

Website Details

There are categories that can be found in the Archives page. I also have an About Me page that contains a little bit about me obviously. The Links page is a separate theme that serves a similar purpose to Linktree so that I can have my own domain in my social bios.


I have been using Hugo now for a little over a year and really like the idea of it. Prior to Hugo I used a combination of WordPress and making my own websites with HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. I was never fully happy with those options.


WordPress is a massively successful open source project and I really like the project as a whole. However, for my uses, I did not want to spend the time optimizing and securing it, plus trying to make the themes work the way I wanted them to. I wanted something that would load quickly, be light on server resources and make it easy to create content. The admin backend was an attack vector and required maintenance to stay up to date. I wanted something that could be set and forget while also providing some ease of use.

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

This was always a chaotic mess, though I could design it to be exactly how I envisioned. That being said, I am not a web designer or developer so it was quite time consuming and not visually stunning. I wanted a cross between that and WordPress which is what Hugo allows me to do.

More Rambling

That was just a sort of rant, probably the many that can be expected to be found here into the future. Most of my content will be unstructured like this, however sometimes there will be guides to how I overcame a technical problem which I am hoping to provide a bit more structure to so that someone else may find it useful.

That is all for now.


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